Paulig Villa

Paulig Villa is a facility located in Töölö. It is home to the Uusimaa branch of the Finnish Nature League (Luonto-Liiton Uudenmaan piiri ry), the Helsinki branch of the Friends of the Earth Finland (Maan Ystävät) and the metropolitan area branches of the Finnish 4H Federation (4H-yhdistys).

Paulig Villa is run by the Helsinki Youth Services that operates under Culture and Leisure Division. The Environmental Youth Work Unit (Ympäristötoiminnan nuorisotyöyksikkö) is in charge of renting out the facilities.

In the 1990s, the activities at the villa centered on nature and environmental issues. As a result, the villa became known as Young People’s Nature House. In the spring of 2010, Young People’s Nature House relocated to Meriharju Nature House in Vuosaari (Uutela), and the name Paulig Villa was reinstated.

In addition to the organizational facilities, the Villa also has two reception-room sized halls, one in ground floor and the other in the 2nd floor which are perfect for meeting of 20-30 people.

Paulig Villa also has a small meeting room in 2nd floor, and a kitchen that can be rented out by youth groups, organizations and schools. Other rooms are used by organizations and organizations that are mentioned above.

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Contact information:
tel. (09) 310 234 96 / (+358) 40 1588 940

Mechelininkatu 36
00260 Helsinki

PL 10400
00099 City of Helsinki