Paulig Villa

Paulig Villa is a facility located in Töölö, for organisations run by the Youth Department of the City of Helsinki.

It is home to the Uusimaa branch of the Finnish Nature League, the Helsinki branch of the Friends of the Earth Finland and the metropolitan area branches of the Finnish 4H Federation. The Environmental Youth Work Unit is in charge of renting out the facilities.

In the 1990s, the activities at the villa centred on nature and environmental issues. As a result, the villa became known as Young People’s Nature House. In the spring of 2010, Young People’s Nature House relocated to Meriharju Nature House in Vuosaari (Uutela), and the name Paulig Villa was reinstated.

In addition to the organisational facilities, the Villa also has two reception-room sized halls, a small meeting room, and a kitchen that can be rented out by youth groups, organisations and schools. The ground floor of the Villa is home to Wempaimisto hiking equipment lending centre.


On the ground floor, you’ll find Wempaimisto, which is a lending centre for hiking equipment.

Opening hours for Wempaimisto:
Mondays and Thursdays 9:00-16:00

Wempaimisto is CLOSED from 1st July to 7th August. We’ll be back in business on 8th August

For reservations, call (09) 310 23496 or (+358) 040 1588 940.

To whom:
Wempaimisto loans out equipment to youth organisations, young people’s groups and organisations functioning in Helsinki as well as city’s administrative branches and individual citizens who are under 29 and have a valid membership card. The card, which is free of charge, can be acquired when you arrive to borrow the equipment. Make sure you have your ID with you. Individual citizens can only borrow equipment for themselves and only for activities taking place here in Finland.

Organisations and schools must present a power of attorney with the signature of the chairperson or secretary (in case of schools, the signature of the headmaster) along with contact information and an official stamp. The destination of the trip must also be stated.

All loans are arranged beforehand by calling 09-310 23496. Reservations can’t be made until two months ahead at the earliest. The maximum loan period is three weeks.

The pick-up
The equipment is handed over at the arranged time. An ID must be presented.

The equipment on loan must be returned on time clean and dry in the correct packing. Falling behind will result in temporarily losing the right to borrow.

Possible damages
All damages to the equipment on loan must be reported on return. If the damage is not due to wear and tear, repair or acquisition costs will apply. Lost equipment will result in a full compensation.

Contact information

Street address
Mechelininkatu 36

Postal address
PL 5000
00099 Helsingin kaupunki

(09) 310 23496 or (+358) 040-1588 940